Scots Need Vitamin D

5/8/20 “Immune resilience can be achieved in Scotland by implementing a vitamin D supplementation program” email from Helga Rhein to First Minister, Health Minister, CMO, Public Health Consultants

25/7/20 Scientific up-to-date summary about vitamin D’s immune functions

7/7/20 You can read the latest overview on why vitamin D could make a difference to Covid outcomes HERE

6/6/20 Health and mortality are linked to a SUFFICIENT D-blood level. People of colour should have bloods checked, then take D-supplement to reach at least 75 nmol/l. It’s the BLOOD LEVEL which needs checking, not just advising 10mcg for all. To ignore this fact could be regarded as racism! Today we shout Black Lives Matter!

6/5/20 our main recommendation for Scottish Government and all Scottish health boards is:
1. Test all hospital COVID-19 admissions for vitamin D deficiency.
2. Give all old folk care home residents and their carers the NHS max safe dose of vitamin D:
100 mcg (4000 IU) daily

For evidence please read on, summary from 11/5/20 here

A famous Harvard Professor says this on 12/5/20

21/5/20 superb summary here of 7 studies linking  covid severity with low vitamin D levels

27/5/20 article in Scottish Reviews is here

6/6/20 letter To politicians and public health

9/6/20 Reply to Scot Gov 9:6:20


So, why not trying to get blood levels up? It is very safe! Might be life saver!

Average blood level in Scotland: 37nmol/l

Mild outcome of Covid-19: above 75 nmol/l

Researchers advise minimum 75 – 100 nmol/l