Colds & Infections

Is your immune system up to scratch? Having healthy Vitamin D levels in your body reduces your chances of getting colds and respiratory infections.

It has long been observed that we tend to get more colds and flus in the winter, the time that the sun isn’t strong enough to make Vitamin D via our skin. In fact studies have shown that taking Vitamin D-supplements can boost our immune system and reduce the chances of contracting infections.

Keeping enough Vitamin D in your system year round is vital for your general wellbeing. Here is a good overview from 2013, demonstrating the role that Vitamin D plays.

A 2016 Cochrane Review on asthma concluded that severe asthma attacks and related hospital admissions could be reduced.

A large met-analysis of over 11,000 participants found significant reduction of respiratory infection, especially in those whose blood levels were lowest.