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Thank you for your interest in scotsneedvitamind.com. The content of this website was created by and is maintained by Helga Rhein, a retired GP (2018) in Edinburgh, Scotland, who believes passionately in the positive health impacts of good Vitamin D levels.

At scotsneedvitamind.com, we believe the people of Scotland would see health improvements by taking a regular Vitamin D supplement. We think there is enough evidence currently available to make all of us take action, from health care professionals to parents and teachers.

In support of scotsneedvitamind are: Eva Kocovska, Caroline McManus, Mary Pinkett, Sue Polson, Lesley Riddoch, Elizabeth Roddick, Larissa Slaney, Rosa Steppanova


All information within this website is presented with the best possible intentions for personal and public health, but you must contact your own GP for a final opinion on any potential changes to your lifestyle. Helga Rhein and scotsneedvitamind.com cannot be held accountable for any injury or sickness caused by, or following advice taken from this site.

Please use the information in this website, and feel free to join the discussions facebook or twitter: Your health, your children’s health and Scotland’s health could be improved with Vitamin D.

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